Enhance Your Brand by Offering Consumer Finance Solutions

At Texas Funding and Consulting, we proudly offer our clients the best in the commercial finance industry, including an exceptional consumer finance program. Whether you run a small startup or a large corporation, we are here to help you launch a successful credit card program and implement it into your operations.

Why Your Business Benefits

With our consumer financing program, your business can accomplish the following:

  • Make your current customers more loyal to your business
  • Build greater brand awareness
  • Encourage repeat business

By implementing our program, we’ll provide quick responses and consistent credit approvals. We’ll also provide thorough training solutions, bad debt collection, and swift program enactment.

How Your Customers Benefit

Not only can your business benefit from a consumer financing program, but so can your customers. For example, when your customers shop at your business, they will have convenient access to a revolving credit line and a simple application processing process. They will also experience the convenience that comes from making payments over time and secure financial services from a reliable provider.

We want to tell you more about our consumer finance solutions and how they can benefit your business and your client base. Reach out to us at Texas Funding and Consulting today to speak with one of our financial professionals!