Expand Your Financial Operations Through Equipment Leasing

From computer software to backhoes and bulldozers, our team here at Texas Funding and Consulting is able to finance nearly any type of business-related equipment. We offer excellent interest rates and a 24-hour approval process. Please note, however, that our equipment financing programs are only available to businesses that have been operational for at least two years.

Programs We Offer

To meet the diverse needs of our client base, we offer several different equipment leasing programs.

  • First, our startup program provides the capital new businesses need to fund their operations when other forms of financing are unavailable.
  • Second, through our government and municipal leasing program, we can provide financing to many municipal and government entities, including libraries, state agencies, public schools, federal government agencies, armed services offices, and more.
  • Third, our sale & lease back program allows you to transform existing equity into working capital. We purchase the equipment from you and once you are done making payments on it, you own it in full once more.
  • Fourth and finally, we offer a B, C, and D credit program designed for operations with less-than-perfect credit. We often recommend this option to companies suffering from damaged personal credit or the repercussions of financial difficulties.

Reasons to Lease

There are many reasons why equipment financing makes sense for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. These include the following:

  • We offer fixed, low monthly payment plans on our equipment leases.
  • When you finance your equipment, you can use your cash for other purposes.
  • You can preserve your company’s credit lines for other needs.
  • By leasing, you keep your equipment from becoming obsolete.
  • Equipment leasing offers significant tax and accounting advantages.

We would be more than happy to speak with you about the many benefits that come from leasing all or a portion of your business’ equipment. Give us a call at Texas Funding and Consulting today to connect with one of our financial specialists.