Purchase Order Financing—Reusable, Flexible, and Low-Risk

The world of asset financing has provided businesses in all kinds of industries with access to the short-term funding they need. When your company builds or sources goods for customers, purchase order financing can give you the access to cash you need when large and unexpected orders come your way. That means you never have to turn a customer away because your current resources are stretched thin. Instead, you can access a portion of the income you are owed when you complete the order to buy supplies and start the work.

How Financing Purchase Orders Works

When you apply, Texas Funding and Consulting associates review your orders and your customers’ payment histories to assess the size of any available advance. When payment comes in later, we deduct the advance and our fees before passing the remainder on to you. There’s no long-term addition to your debt portfolio, and your customers’ credit determines the terms of your advance, so as you work with higher-profile clients, your advances will scale.

Benefits of Financing Purchase Orders

  • Never turn down a large or unexpected order
  • Increase your volume of business
  • Manage cash flow
  • Flexible financing
  • Fast decisions
  • Predictable costs you can fold into estimates

For more information about purchase order financing, contact us today to talk to an associate.