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Commercial Real Estate Loan In Alief

Texas Funding and Consulting Calculate Commercial Mortgage On Behalf of Real Estate Buyers in Alief, TX

If you are applying for a commercial mortgage, it’s important to learn about commercial loan terms, payment structure and rates. You should also research the various sources of commercial real estate loans, as well as different options available in Harris County.

The Texas Funding and Consulting team can help you calculate commercial mortgage and fund your next commercial real estate venture with expert solutions. Texas Funding and Consulting is committed to structuring superior commercial real estate financing solutions for clients. As a world-class commercial financing provider, Texas Funding and Consulting guarantees superior service and a program that works with your commercial real estate needs in Harris County.

What Makes a Commercial Real Estate Loan Different From Other Loans?

Commercial real estate loans are essential for business growth in Alief, TX. A loan can be used to renovate commercial property and purchase equipment. Unlike residential mortgages, commercial loans require a large down payment. They also impose harsher credit checks on your business and personal finances. A commercial real estate lender expects a borrower to repay the entire advance early by declaring a balloon repayment stipulation. A balloon payment the balance to be paid at once.

Commercial Property Loan Calculator

To calculate commercial mortgage rates yourself, find an online real estate mortgage rates calculator. A commercial property loan calculator figures payments on a commercial property, offering payment amounts for principal and interest, interest only and balloon repayments plus a monthly amortization schedule. To calculate a balloon payment ending, use a balloon loan calculator.

What is a Commercial Mortgage?

A loan secured by business property is a commercial mortgage. It is used to purchase commercial property, develop land or a building. This type of mortgage is also used to renovate offices and refinance existing commercial loans. Commercial loan funds can be used as capital to start a business or expand operations. Use it for:

  • Developing or renovating owner-occupied business
  • Buying commercial property
  • Obtaining land development investments
  • Acquiring premises for leasing

Commercial Mortgage Financing

There are many sources of commercial financing. Commercial loans are offered by banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and government-backed lenders. Private investors also lend commercial mortgages but at much higher rates. The right kind of commercial loan for your business depends on the loan features you need.

Personal Guarantee on Commercial Loans

Business owners must guarantee a commercial mortgage for lack of adequate credit to secure financing. Credit requirements are based on the lender’s risk assessment. A personal guarantee connects a commercial loan to the borrower’s personal assets and because it is an unsecured contract, a lender can take the assets as debt repayment for a defaulted loan.

Commercial Loan Terms

Commercial mortgages come in terms of 3, 5, and 10 years, others as long as 25 years. Note that commercial mortgage terms are not as long as residential loans, most usually 30 years.

Commercial Real Estate Interest Rates

Commercial loan rates are often slightly higher than residential mortgages. It is usually around 0.25 percent to 0.75 percent higher. Depending on the establishment and type of financing, commercial mortgage rates typically range between 1.176 percent up to 12 percent.

Indexes Used For Commercial Loans

Lenders tie their commercial loans to several different types of indexes. An index is an indicator or statistical measure of change in market securities. A few of the most popular indexes used for commercial mortgages and adjustable rate loans are the prime rate and LIBOR. Commercial loans rates are also determined by U.S. Treasury Bonds and swap spreads.

  • Prime Rate -The average of the prime rates offered by banks to other banks. Lenders adjust prime rates depending on market conditions. 
  • LIBOR (London Inter-Bank Offered Rate) is a benchmark for indexing interest rates all over the world. LIBOR is the rate used by London banks to lend funds to one another. It is also the rate used by banks that lend in the inter-bank market for short-term loans. 
  • U.S. Treasury Bonds establish the limit on how much lenders and banks can charge for real estate loans. A ten year treasury bond is a benchmark for commercial mortgages and residential loans. 
  • Swap Spreads show the difference between the swap rate (fixed interest rate) and corresponding government bond yield (sovereign debt yield) of similar maturity. Swap spreads measure the likelihood of how interest rates will rise.

Texas Funding and Consulting Offers Different Options For Commercial Real Estate Financing in Harris County

If you are interested in a commercial real estate loan or need help to calculate a commercial mortgage, Texas Funding and Consulting can provide financial expertise in Alief, TX.Texas Funding and Consulting will provide a free, no-obligation consultation with a financing expert. Call 713-344-1199 or visit Texas Funding and Consulting can help you achieve your business goals with a commercial real estate loan Alief.

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