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Commercial Real Estate Loan In Hockley

Research Property Investment Loans in Hockley, TX

If you’re looking to invest in property, you will most likely be interested in researching investment property loans. This is the necessary funding you will need to buy or build an income property, property that will yield income from leasing the space out to a tenant or flipping it. A flipped house is one where you modify it to increase its value and then resell it for a profit. 

Texas Funding and Consulting can help you discover the right funding option and commercial real estate loan for your property investment in Harris County. This team of experts will help you find your way through the maze of property investment loans.

What is Investment Property?

An investment property earns a profit for its investor. Investment property loans are a tool for an investor to maximize their returns by leveraging the down payment, the length of the payback terms, and the interest rate. Investors can further improve their returns by using investment loans to build where there is a need for affordable houses to rent, for instance, or to rehab a property to increase its value and cash flow. Investment properties are considered higher risk than residential loans for a personal residence. The logic behind this is that if something goes wrong and the property loses money for the investor, it’s easier to walk away from a property if it’s not your residence.

Texas Funding and Consulting team is a top choice for business owners interested in property investment loansin Hockley, TX. The team is considered a renowned leader in the commercial finance industry serving Harris County. To make the best decisions and find the perfect investment property loan type, Texas Funding and Consulting will lead the way.

Property Investment Loans

An investment property loan is money you borrow to buy or build a property that has the potential to produce income for you by leasing the space out to a tenant, or by reselling it after you increase its value. Investment property loans include construction, purchase, and rehab. Investment property loans are not just for single-family homes. If you want to buy an apartment building, you will want to get an investment property loan.

Common property investment loans include a conventional mortgage used to purchase a property with one to four units. A conventional loan will offer the lowest rates and fees. If you are planning to purchase more investment properties, be aware that there is a four property maximum of conventional loans for investment properties. You would then have to look into private and hard money lenders. Private and hard money lenders offer more flexible terms than conventional mortgages and will work with borrowers who have lower credit scores.

Qualification Process For a Property Investment Loan

If you thought a property investment loan is more difficult to qualify for, you are right. However, as long as you meet the conditions, you will be approved. You see, lenders view investment properties as a risk. You just need to prove that you will be able to afford monthly mortgage payments if a tenant moves out unexpectedly and lease payments cease.

Property investment loan lenders want to see a larger down payment on investment properties, usually between 20% to 35%.

Property Investment Mortgages

In order to select among the many lenders who handle property investment loans, you must consider the types of investment property loans they underwrite, down payment requirements, the interest rates and APRs, minimum and maximum funding limits and the lender’s underwriting process complexity.

Owner-occupied mortgages are for buyers who intend to live in their home as their primary residence. You simply move into the home within 60 days of closing, reside there for one year and you are allowed to rent with no effect on the loan terms.

Second-home mortgages are for buyers who intend to use the property as a second home for family and friends and lenders prohibit renting.

Non-owner occupied mortgages are for buyers who will rent. Should you decide to convert the rental to your primary residence, you may, and it won’t affect the loan terms.

Texas Funding and Consulting Comes Highly Recommended in Harris County for Property Investment Loans

If you are interested in property investment loans or a commercial real estate loan and want to work with a top finance company in Hockley, TX, reach out to Texas Funding and Consulting to get started. 

Texas Funding and Consulting will provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation with a financing professional. Call 713-344-1199 or visit Texas Funding and Consulting is ready and waiting to help you achieve your business goals with property investment loans or commercial real estate loan Hockley.

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