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Commercial Real Estate Loan In Stafford

Texas Funding and Consulting Provides Commercial Mortgage Rates to Borrowers in Stafford, TX

You’ve found the ideal commercial location to purchase. Now you need to look into funding in Harris County. If you’re looking to get a commercial real estate loan, there are many factors that go into the affordability of the monthly payment. One of the most important factors in the dollar amount you will owe is the commercial mortgage rates.

Texas Funding and Consulting can help property investors navigate through the real estate mortgage process in Stafford, TX. This includes providing commercial mortgage rates and answering all of your questions.

Texas Funding and Consulting Offers Many Real Estate Loan Options in Harris County.

Commercial real estate financing is similar to traditional home loans. Lenders provide borrowers with money which is secured to your property and designed to help you own business property. Commercial loan funds can also be used as capital for a start up business or to expand operations.

Commercial mortgages are commonly offered by banks and credit unions. They are also provided by insurance companies and independent investors. As for government-backed commercial loans, you may obtain Small Business Administration (SBA) loans to finance a business venture. Depending on the dwelling and financing type, commercial mortgage rates mostly range between 1.176 percent up to 12 percent.

Commercial Mortgage Loan Rates

Commercial loan rates are determined by many factors, including current market inflation, GDP and economic output, employment rates, and the spreads of commercial mortgage rates. If you’re familiar with a residential mortgage, you’ll notice many of the same terms and interest rates however, the commercial lending industry is different. It comes with its own set of parameters. The terms of commercial mortgage are less, usually five, seven, or ten year terms with higher interest rates. While ten year commercial mortgage rates are available, it is rare to find 15 year terms in commercial lending.

Long Term Commercial Fixed Rate Loan

Each business is unique and so is each business loan. The loan that you select for your business is vital to the success of your venture. A fixed rate commercial mortgage makes budgeting and planning easier for your business. This loan has a fixed interest rate and payment for the full term of the loan. These loans offer stability across the ever-fluctuating real estate market. Duly note that non-bank commercial real estate lenders are the key to finding a 30-year fixed commercial mortgage.

Interest Only Payment Loan

Also known as balloon loans, interest-only payment loans are geared toward businesses expecting a large payout at a future date, rather than a steady monthly money stream at the outset. Payments are made only on the smaller interest amount, with a full “balloon” payment due at the end of the term, which is relatively short (between three and seven years).

Business owners tend to use interest-only loans to build up—or literally build, as in construct—a commercial property with the intention of refinancing the end-term lump sum later.

Refinance Loan

As with a home mortgage, business owners like to take advantage of available lower interest rates through commercial real estate refinancing loans. There are additional fees and costs involved when refinancing, but they’re usually minimal compared to overall savings through lower monthly payments and less cumulative debt (via a blanket loan; more on that later).

As a result, refinancing can also boost profit flow through improvement or expansion of commercial properties, as well as help pay off looming expenses, like the final payment on an interest-only loan.

How to Find The Lowest Commercial Mortgage Rates

There is a big variety of factors that can affect nationwide commercial mortgage rates. These include the current state of the economy, employment rates and economic inflation. These factors can lead to continuous minor and major adjustments in commercial mortgage rates.

Searching for the lowest commercial mortgage rates on the market can be challenging. Just remember that the right lender for your business is not always the lender who is offering the lowest rates. You want to select a commercial lender that has the expertise to guide your real estate endeavor in the right direction.

Trust Texas Funding and Consulting to Discover the Right Financing For Your Real Estate Venture in Harris County

If you have specific questions about commercial mortgage rates or a commercial real estate loan, contact Texas Funding and Consulting to get started. The Texas Funding and Consulting team will provide you with the most up to date mortgage rates available in Stafford, TX. Texas Funding and Consulting will work with you even if you were previously denied financing from a traditional lender.

For a free, no-obligation consultation with a financing professional, call 713-344-1199 or visit Texas Funding and Consulting is ready and waiting to help you understand commercial mortgage rates that come with a commercial real estate loan Stafford.

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