The Benefits of Consumer Financing for Businesses

You already know that consumer financing is excellent for your customers. After all, who doesn’t want to have easy access to big-ticket purchases? Financing lets your customers choose the best way to pay for the things they need. Does offering this type of credit provide specific benefits for your business?

4 Amazing Reasons To Secure Consumer Financing for Your Customers

Approved clients can get financing for any kind of item offered at your store, from flat-screen TVs and washing machines to computer systems and furniture. Here’s why financing is a must for any business:

1. Credit Options Increase Customer Satisfaction

People like to have a choice. When you offer your clients the ability to pay upfront or handle purchases in installments, you give them valuable buying power. Consumers love to have control of their money, so increased freedom is a major point in your favor. Even if they can find the same product in a different store, they’re more likely to buy from you because of the convenience of financing.

Happy customers have a bigger impact on your business than you may think. Word-of-mouth advertising and online reviews are worth their weight in gold. A reputation for easy payments drives new customers to your store. 

2. Deferred Payments Help You Close More Sales

Not all customers have extensive capital available to buy items outright. Some people simply prefer deferred purchases over lump sum payments. In either case, offering great financing options helps you make sales that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

3. You Get Paid Every Time

Another reason business owners benefit from consumer financing is that they don’t have to assume any risk. After a client is approved for financing, you receive payment for purchases in a few days. Even if the customer wants to defer payments over a year or more, you receive the full amount agreed upon in under a week.

4. The Process Is Painless and Easy

Think of this type of financing as offering a branded credit card for your customers, but without the hassle of handling the onboarding process yourself. Instead, you partner with a third-party lender who takes care of all the financial requirements. Great finance companies have an easy application process, fast approval, and effortless credit checks. They handle all the work and you reap the benefits.

How To Get Started With Consumer Financing

Providing financing options for your customers is as easy as speaking with a trustworthy lender. The whole point of this type of partnership is to help you grow your business, so banks streamline the process to make it a positive experience.

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